My spiritual awakening began around 2.30am on March 1, 2003.  That was the night of my car accident, and when my mortality was staring me right in the face.  I also began to believe in Angels that day, as I’m still not sure how, but ever so grateful, that I was able to survive such a horrific accident.

It’s in the moments when we are challenged, when our positive philosophies and outlook on life really need to kick into fifth gear.  However for a good majority of folks out there, positive thinking and positive outlooks and attitudes are foreign and some “new-age” stuff that hippies do!  Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Adopting new daily rituals to help you deal with the day-to-day pressures of life are easy when you become aware of the things that serve you, and eliminate those that don’t.

Make the choice today, to adopt one new daily ritual that lifts your spirits, and this is one way of making that happen.

Start by taking out a piece of paper and a pen and create two columns.  At the top of your two columns, write “Things that serve/benefit me” and “Things that no longer serve/benefit me”.

Find a quiet spot, turn off your cell phone, TV, radio and so on, and really get present in the moment.  Close your eyes, drop your shoulders, take 3 deep breaths and clear your mind.  This exercise requires honesty to be effective.

Think about the people, events, work situations, your current lifestyle habits, your spending habits, your eating habits, your emotional reactions, your geographical location, your material possessions, your health and your relationships.  Now with true honesty, start to add details under both columns.  This may be an emotional experience, but one that will bring you clarity and awareness, and that’s 80% of the battle won.

Once you have completed this exercise, you will want to do more of what serves and spend your time with the people in your life who bring something positive to it.  Addressing the things that no longer serve you may be more difficult as they will require a commitment and action to eliminate from your life.  Your goal is to do, and have, and be with the things and people that serve you best, and diminish the things in your life that don’t.  This is a daily ritual and practice that takes time and awareness.

From now on, take notice of how your body reacts to positive and negative situations in your life.  If your mind is unclear, your body will inform you.  Pay attention and make the choice to surround yourself with positive people and positive circumstances.  It is a daily practice, and with each new day, you’re given another opportunity to live a richer, peaceful and happier life.