Julie is an amazing youth and adult motivational speaker. She knows how to relate to adults and children by speaking about real life situations that all can relate with. When Julie speaks to the youth, she engages them with relevant and fun icebreaker activities that relate to her topic. Her topics are thought provoking and motivational. When speaking with adults, she challenges them to find relevance and balance within their lives. I fully recommend her to motivate and inspire our youth and adults!

Chauna Keels
5th Grade Teacher, Brookside Elementary School


“In this day and time it is rare to find a person with passion, drive, and a heart to inspire everyone that he or she comes in contact with. Julie C Kelly is just that person. Her charm and delivery captivate an audience from her very greeting and illustrious smile. Having an Australian accent only adds to the experience and keeps the listener glued to her near perfect diction.

As a woman with great experience, she does not come across as one who has been there and done that and maybe one day you can too. Rather she takes the crowd on a journey with her. The best part is that at the end of the presentation we are ready to continue the journey in our own particular spheres of influence. She comes highly recommended as one who can challenge any who dare to rise to a new level in everyday life.

Like a movie that you hope would never end, such is the feeling that we who are in attendance feel. Having heard her on several occasions, I have witnessed her adapt what she presents to the needs of the engagement or event. Her accounts are equally sprinkled with stories, jokes, and truth; hearing her once only leaves you wanting more and pining for the next opportunity to be graced by her insight. She is a renaissance woman as well as the future of our speakers. She is class personified. Her influence can be seen among staff and students alike. I recommend that you book her now and early, but only if you want you and your group to be changed.”

Mr. Cameron T. Ruffin, 3rd Grade Teacher, Armada Elementary


“Julie C Kelly speaks to millennials in a language they understand. Her insight on the importance of communication in the workplace – written, verbal, and nonverbal – validates the lessons we as teachers provide in listening, speaking, and composition. Her message on image and reality runs deep, paralleling the wisdom of Socrates and Plato. I highly recommend that educators invite Julie to speak to the young adults of their institutions. Her presentation draws on the all too often missing connection between the classroom and the real world.”

Mr. Raya, English Teacher, Pasadena High School


Julie C Kelly is an extremely knowledgeable and professional presenter. Julie is excellent at engaging the audience and sparking positive change in people. Every time I’ve heard her speak, she fills the room and presents relevant materials for her audience and is skilled in her topics. I highly recommend Julie C Kelly as a presenter at any event. Whether she is working with a student or adult audience, it’s clear her passion is to make a difference in education, develop human spirit and engage with her participants fully.

Christel Kaufman, Director; National Academy Foundation, New York


Julie taught me never to give up and to do my best no matter what.
Anthony – PUSD student


I learned that you have to be prepared and know what you want to be and to find your passion in life.  Julie’s taught me that there will be struggles in life but if we believe in ourselves and try our best we will succeed.

Naomi- PUSD student


This was actually very inspiring and motivational because it is very hard for me to focus in school and get good grades.  Julie is very smart, both academically and emotionally and now I am going to act on my dreams.

Thomas Vegd – Arcadia High School, Arcadia, CA


I recently had the pleasure of attending a Keynote presentation by Julie Kelly at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the National Consortium for Health Science Education.

Julie is an outstanding presenter with a unique ability to hold an audience captive with her enthusiasm and intellect. She combines a passion for science education with a true love of helping young adults.

What made Julie’s presentation so powerful was that it provided a number of resources that health science educators can use to engage their students more effectively.

In addition, Julie understands that the student of today needs more than simply subject knowledge. They need to acquire skills such as critical thinking, communication, and confidence, and she effectively demonstrated resources to help students grow in these areas.

Julie Kelly is a master educator who inspires others to not only pursue life-long learning, but to share their knowledge with others as well.

Mike Collins

Director of Business Development, Applied Educational Systems

Julie Kelly came to speak with a group of 29 girls, ages 7-17. She was so friendly and welcoming to everyone and  very easy to work with. Her presentation was interesting, informative and fun. I think it really resonated with the girls, especially with the 12 and up ages. I highly recommend Julie as a Youth Motivational Speaker!

Jessica Miller
Soroptimist International of the Greater Santa Clarita Valley


I learned so much from Julie that it’s hard to list them all, but she taught me to believe in myself, I’ll be rewarded for my efforts, I need to be true to my heart and not play the victim when life gets hard.

Rose, Arcadia High School, Arcadia, CA


What I learned from Julie’s summer camp program is self-confidence and having a positive mindset.  Julie helped me to have more confidence and to believe in myself and she taught me how to not think negatively of myself or about other people.  It was really amazing.

Nicole Dominguez, 13 years old – Robinson Park Summer Camp Program


Dear Julie, might I say that you are quite the teacher.  I’ve learned to trust my decisions.  I think the things you’ve taught me will help me as an adult and help me with my career.  Thank you for all the lesson have taught me!

Melodie Martinez, 13 years old- Robinson Park Summer Camp Program


Try, try, try, possibly fail, and try again!

Ashely Preciado- Blair High School, Pasadena, CA


Love your presentation! 5+

Sylvia Liu- Arcadia High School, Arcadia, CA


After hearing Julie’s presentation my entire view on how to set a goal has changed.  I have always been curious as to why and how certain short-term goals of mine have fallen through, and now I know why.  The smart goals activity and presentation has been informative and eye opening.  It has helped to further shape my perception on goals and life.

Casey- 2012 Pasadena Youth Council


Julie’s goal setting activity has made me re-think how I plan things.  I can now make a more organized goal for myself.  I would recommend that other people do this program with Julie as well.

Victoria-  2012 Pasadena Youth Council


One thing I learned about Julie Kelly is to just push myself, because if I set my mind to it, anything is possible.  I am going to do what I can, to be what I want to be.

Sandy- PUSD student


Julie taught me to never give up. If you want something, go and get it, life is about chances and taking them.  Inspirational!

Daphne- PUSD student


I learned that it’s okay to meet failure in life and that you can turn a bad situation into a beneficial, life-changing one.  I also learned that it is important to pursue your true passion in life to obtain optimal success and most of all, happiness.

Diana – Arcadia High School, Arcadia, CA


Very inspirational! I was trying to do my homework, but you were so interesting that I couldn’t focus on my homework! Julie gets a 10 out of 5, not 5 out of 5!

Ashley Truong, Arcadia High School, Arcadia, CA


After listening to Julie speak, I won’t wallow in sadness or go looking for pity anymore.  The only person, who can get something for me, is me.  I’m going to develop the initiative to go out and find what I want, because no one else can do it for me.

Michelle You – Arcadia High School, Arcadia, CA


People always have troubles in their life.  Life is full of ups and downs.  We should take every opportunity and convert it into something great.  We should have faith and confidence in oneself because we need it to crush the troubles.

Simmy Rathod- Arcadia High School, Arcadia, CA