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Meet Youth Motivational Speaker, Julie Kelly

I’m Julie C Kelly, a girl from Melbourne, Australia who is deeply passionate about making a positive and significant impact on the lives of kids, teens, teachers and parents.

I spend my days traveling across the country speaking in classrooms, at school assemblies, youth conferences and retreats, leadership events and professional and personal development training for teachers and educators.

I often get asked “Why?”

“Why do you want to work with kids and teenagers?”

The answer is simple, “They need people like me”

In one generation, life for kids and teens has changed dramatically. Every day they are negatively influenced by social media, they are constantly attached to a back-lit electronic device and have minimal interpersonal skills, and they are struggling, some are even committing suicide.

My job and passion, is to meet these kids and teens and give them hope.

Give them a new perspective on what they see and hear.

Develop the self-confidence they need to take risks and live their dreams and reach their goals.

Set them up for major success beyond school.

That is why I do what I do, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!