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Meet Youth Motivational Speaker, Julie Kelly

Hi, I’m Julie, a girl from Melbourne, Australia who is deeply passionate about making a positive and significant impact on the lives of others, struggling emotionally with life’s challenges.

I’ve endured and conquered many emotionally, mentally and physically debilitating circumstances, and what I’ve learned is that your mindset and perspective determine how you cope with life.

Some of my challenges and traumas include:

  • Losing my best friend in High School to an accident drug overdose
  • Being in the middle of my parents’ messy divorce and helping my mum survive a nervous breakdown
  • Enduring and surviving a horrific car accident caused by a drunk driver
  • Moving to Los Angeles on my own to develop my career
  • Being in an emotionally abusive relationship
  • Being in the ICU for 8 days with my boyfriend on life-support, not knowing if he would live or die, just to name a few! 

My personal experience have forced me to survive or forever be paralyzed by fear, stress, anxiety, sorrow, uncertainty and loss.

I chose to be a SURVIVOR! 

But I had to learn how to survive and thrive, and that’s what I now teach others to do.

I spend my days traveling across the country speaking to teens and adults, giving them specific strategies to harness the power of their mind to conquer anything life throws their way.