Have you heard this saying before?  I believe it has a lot of truth to it, and yet it’s a practice that many of us take for granted or ignore all together.  Successful people usually share common threads, and how they start their day is one of them.  Most successful people I know or that I have researched, start their day grounding themselves in what’s important in life, as opposed to getting sucked into the vortex that awaits them on the other side of the front door.

My spiritual practices include thinking positively, eliminating negativity from my life, having a vision for my life (vision board), constant learning, meditation, reading and being very aware of my thoughts and my physical well-being.

Before I even get out of bed in the morning and even before I open my eyes, I smile.  This sends a message to my subconscious mind that I’m in good spirits, and then my body automatically responds in a positive manner.  After I smile, in the quietness of my mind, I give thanks and gratitude to all the things I am lucky to have experienced.  I thank my bed for being so comfy, the warm blankets that I can afford to cover me at night, the quiet area in which I live, the sun for shining on me again, and the hot shower with great pressure and clean running water that I’m about to indulge in.  As you can see, the list of things to be grateful for can grow very quickly if we were to continue thinking like this not only in the morning, but also throughout each day of our lives.

If how you start your day, is how you live your life, you want to start it in a positive manner, right? To start your day positively could mean any number of things, but here are some examples to get you on the right track:

Being in nature: going for a 30-minute walk or hike, climbing a tree, taking the kids or your dog to a park, eating breakfast outside.

  • Swimming
  • Eating breakfast with your loved ones at the dining room table vs standing in the kitchen or running out the door with a piece of toast hanging out of your mouth
  • Reading the newspaper for 20-minutes
  • Stretching
  • Meditating
  • Not checking email, facebook, twitter etc, for at least 2 hours after you wake up
  • Calling your mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandparents on your way to work just to check in and say hello.
  • Playing with your pet/s for 15 minutes every morning
  • Writing in a gratitude journal for 15-25 minutes each morning and evening
  • Listening to a spiritual mentor on CD/iPod before work or on the way to work
  • Dancing (perhaps in your underwear!) for 3-minutes to your favorite song before going to work or school
  • Reading 5 pages of a book

Hopefully this list has got you thinking about what makes YOU feel good and feel connected to source and to your authentic self.  When you consciously start to choose to think, say and do things that bring you happiness and peace of mind, you will, by default, feel like you’re living on purpose.

If you start your day off doing things that energize you and that provide contentment, the rest of your day, and ultimately your life, will be lived at a higher level of fulfillment.