We’ve all been there…  We get a phone call, or an email with potentially bad news or a challenging situation and we automatically default to the worst case scenario.  Instantly our mood changes, dread takes over our bodies and our thoughts, and the spinning out of control officially begins. 


For me, the result of allowing my thoughts to take me directly to the OMG worst case scenario, leaves me with a horrible burning sensation in my stomach and I feel like the life has been sucked right out of me.  I’m emotionally flat and I feel hopeless in my own pity party.


But here’s the thing, nine out of ten times, our idea of the worst case scenario doesn’t actually come to fruition.  After all the anxiety and sleepless nights, the situation resolves itself and the outcome is nowhere near as bad as we had expected.  So how do we change our self-sabotaging reactive behaviors?


Keep Calm and don’t get Emotional

Allowing emotions to take over our rational behavior and thinking is unproductive and can be managed by staying present in the moment and not projecting days, weeks or months in advance.  Remove the “what ifs” from your thoughts and try and stick to the facts.

Gather information

This is particularly important if third parties are involved who are explaining or presenting potential scenarios or consequences to you.  Ensure you do your own research and fact-finding mission to ensure your stories match and there are no misunderstandings or errors.


Release it

The Universe, Higher Power, God, the Tao, whatever you want to call it, has an undeniable power to make things right.  If a situation is too heavy a burden, release it and ask for help, courage, strength, clarity, faith, belief, patience, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and love.  Surrendering yourself to this invisible force and turning your fears, worries and doubts over is a comforting practice.  Connecting to Source is an empowering life choice that will forever keep you safe as long as your intentions are good and you believe.


Focus on what you’re in control of

At the end of the day, you’re only in control of yourself and your own actions.  Focus your energy and time there, and make the most of the situation presented to you by directing your efforts to making a positive impact.


Our thoughts are very powerful and can work for or against us, depending on how we choose to perceive any given situation.  We are all a work in progress, and becoming aware of self-destructive behaviors is the first step toward less reactive behaviors, and then taking affirmative action to change them is the second step.  Remember you always have the power and the choice to create a more harmonious life for yourself despite what goes on around you.