Almost everyone these days has a Facebook account, and we have all heard the words “Facebook me!”

Social media has grown exponentially in the last few years and it definitely serves a role in business enterprises as well as in personal and social realms. 

So, the question is….Do you become Facebook friends with your boss and/or colleagues?

Personally, my answer is, no.  Reason being, that mixing business with pleasure on any level can be detrimental to your career progression.  There is little professional value in allowing your colleagues or boss, into your personal world where your every move and thought is caught either in photos or words.

Ask yourself, will adding them to your Facebook account get you a promotion or raise?  Probably not, but it can put you in a vulnerable position to be judged and potentially be treated differently. 

Imagine you had a big night out at a friend’s party and somebody uploaded a not so complimentary photo of you and tagged you.  Photos that you wish nobody took, and your boss happened to see them.  Although this may not be a reflection of your work ethic, it’s still a part of who you are in your boss’s eyes.  This is probably not the sort of employee he/she wants to represent the company in business meetings, conferences or work-related travel.

At work always ask yourself, will this decision add favorably to my career?  If the answer is yes, then go for it, otherwise make a smart decision to decline an offer that could put you at a disadvantage.  If you want to climb the corporate ladder, it is important that you set yourself boundaries, because all it takes is one wrong move to go back to square one.

If a colleague or your boss does ask to be friends on Facebook, gracefully reassure them of your working relationship and simply state that you would prefer to keep your personal life, private.