My cousin is a very successful businessman and we are very close, like brother and sister.  One day we were talking about where our lives are now and he shared with me how he sets goals or creates a vision for his business, and ultimately his life.  He makes a list of what he doesn’t want, versus what he does want.  Most people struggle to communicate what they want from their lives for fear that they will never get it.

Now is the time to have more faith in yourself and the Universe.  We have all heard of karma….What goes around, comes around.  When you put good vibes, thoughts and intentions out there, with some work and commitment, the things you focus on, manifest themselves. They really do!  So for now let’s start thinking about what we do not want and make a list.  In a way, we also create a list of what we do want.

For instance, if your list contained the following points:

  1. I do not want a long commute to work
  2. I do not want to work for a large, global organization
  3. I do not want to just be a number

Then these 3 things alone tell us a lot.  Ultimately you want to work close to home in a boutique setting where everybody knows everyone’s name.  The company could be anything from a florist to a small doctor’s practice to a restaurant to an auto body shop.  The options are endless.

Creating a career vision is important as it’s like wanting to go on a vacation, but not knowing the destination.  You may end up in Vietnam, when you really wanted to be on a beach in the Caribbean.  If you don’t know your personal destination, then how are you going to get to where you want to be?  Knowing your vision doesn’t happen overnight, but over time you need to get clear on it if you want personal and professional satisfaction.

Start by asking yourself the following 10 questions:


 1. If I couldn’t fail, what career would I choose?

2.  What type of job do I want?

3.  What type of responsibilities do I want to have?

4.  What type of boss/coworkers/team do I like to work with?

5.  How many hours/days do I want to work?

6.  What type of company do I want work for?

7.  What sort of culture suits my personality?

8.  Where in the world do I want to live?

9.  What salary do I want to earn?

10. What type of conditions are important to my job-satisfaction?


Once you get clear on your vision you need to take action.  Career planning and creating a career vision are meaningless unless you do something about it.  Dreaming about the ideal job or dream vacation will not get you there.  You need to take ACTION and seek opportunities that fulfill your needs.  Expecting overnight success is unrealistic because everything worth doing takes time, dedication, persistence and commitment.  Keep a positive mindset and keep moving forward, one step at a time, until you achieve your dream.

Never, ever give up!