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Your Purpose Hierarchy

  It’s been a little while since I reached out to you, and that’s because I took some time out to spend with my family who were visiting from Australia.  I was so grateful to share quality time with them in Las Vegas and Hawaii, and being with loved ones always grounds me and reminds  Continue Reading »

How to avoid the “OMG” worst case scenario

  We’ve all been there…  We get a phone call, or an email with potentially bad news or a challenging situation and we automatically default to the worst case scenario.  Instantly our mood changes, dread takes over our bodies and our thoughts, and the spinning out of control officially begins.  BFF’s panic and doubt come  Continue Reading »

Branding for the ladies

Being a successful career woman is two-fold; you need to be able to perform at a high level and you also need to look the part.  Defining your image in a male-centric environment is important as it establishes rank.  Defining your signature look or branding is a personal choice and you have to own it.   Continue Reading »

I just graduated…now what???

The life of a student mirrors no resemblance to the life of the employed.  I remember the days of sleeping in, skipping classes, hanging out with friends and creating my own schedule, because I could.  Transitioning from 15 or more years of education and student life to the demands of a real job can seem  Continue Reading »